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Work With Purpose

Define your unique strengths, professional and leadership style, in the context of your life and work.

Empower you. Establish purpose, agency and direction in your work now.

"I want to do what I love... and hopefully through that, leave a positive impact somehow, someway, with somebody."

- Justin Lee

Colleagues Working Together

I can help you ...

Manage Your Work in the Context of Your Life

The mix and flux of work and life is unique to you and always changing. Redefine your new normal to where you are thriving, not just surviving.

Transition With Purpose

We are always transitioning in our lives and work. Explore how to make career and professional changes that reflect and support your growth and evolution. 

Change Chaos to Calm

Sometimes you are asked to lead in the midst of organizational chaos. Let's work together to define what success is and what steps will take you there.

Explore Possibilities

Sometimes, we outgrow roles that once brought us great satisfaction. Discover the possibilities and alternatives that are sparking your imagination now.

Support Your Employees' Success

Managing and empowering staff is rewarding and requires thought.  Learn how to co-create  success with your direct reports and teams.

Lead With Values

It's important to align your and your organization's values. Create authentic, trusting work relationships based on a foundation of values and credibility.

"I am. 

Quite literally.

Obsessed with Maria."

Alex, ON, Canada

"Having left a stable job for a new one with a shinier title and bigger paycheck, I realized quickly the new job was not the right fit for me, so I quit. Left jobless and confused, my career and my life needed a reboot – enter Maria. Over the last several months, Maria has given me the tools to live a value-oriented, authentic life and has taught me that the purpose of life isn’t necessarily so complex. Her compassionate, no bullsh** approach makes for the most heart-warming and raw sessions, which left me constantly awe-struck and inspired by the growth I saw in myself. Maria is so incredibly gifted at what she does and working with her was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will forever be grateful to her – I feel like a new person, with a refreshed outlook on my career and life."

What Clients Say ...

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