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A New Era of Positive Impact Coaching & Consulting

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I'm here to spark and co-create positive impact for people and organizations. Sustainable, mission-driven and values-aligned positive impact. And while ChangeWorks is my professional means to this end, this is also essentially the way I want to be in the world. To consistently have and be a positive impact. So, why is this important to me and why now?

At the start of 2022, I, like many of you, was faced with the question of 'now what'?! I had just completed a contract of trying to help a small not-for-profit survive during the many challenges of Covid closures and so the questions were about whether I wanted to take my skills and learnings to another organization, or re-energize my coaching and consulting practice or alluringly, do something completely different ... maybe do work I could put down and not worry about once I went home. Not hold so much responsibility. Not be so weighed down. Each option had its own appeal.

As I pondered and processed, I realized that the very coaching work I do with clients was what I needed to work through myself. To ask myself the questions of who am I now, what do I stand for and what do I yearn to be and accomplish in the coming years of my life, given the context of the current times. And as I looked at our world and all the challenges we currently face and asked myself these questions, it became clear that I wasn't ready to step back and away, but rather felt called to urgently move forward and be in service of the greater good, whatever that means and however I could.


Pile of Maria Malmgren's business cards - ChangeWorks, MadronaWorks, Illuminant Coaching and Consulting

This was the birth of ChangeWorks and the next evolution of my work. As you can see from my previous business cards, I have always worked on 'things that matter' and been interested in getting to 'the heart of the issue' to create systemic change. When I observe our current context ... the devastation caused by the war in Ukraine, the urgent need for integrated climate and sustainability solutions, the lack of affordable housing for an increasing number of people and families, the resistance to diversity and equality, and maybe most importantly, our increasing inability or desire to have thoughtful, respectful dialogue with each other ... it felt important to be more specific about my purpose ~ to be and provide positive impact coaching and consulting to individuals and organizations who feel called to up-level their way of being in the world and create their own unique positive impact, through their work, strengths, skills and experiences.

My new logo symbolizes my belief that to do this work, we need to be able to hold ourselves as strong and beautiful individuals, who are able to collaborate and co-create harmony and synergy with the unique strengths of others, to work on what really matters. With respect, focus and dare I say it, love. Love for ourselves, for other and for our beautiful planet. Because I believe, despite it all, we are trying to do our best. And sometimes our best is misguided or not enough to successfully process the myriad of external changes coming at us. And some days, all the change can feel a little too much.

ChangeWorks is my invitation for each of us to find our way forward to recognize and celebrate our individual uniqueness and weave our differences together with respect, lightness and collaboration. Where we recognize all life is sacred and requires our respect, care and compassion. Where we create change that works.


I'm ready and here when you are.

Contact me or book a complimentary 'meet and greet'.

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Judy Joseph-Black
Judy Joseph-Black
Jul 14, 2022

Congratulations on this direction. It's truly needed.


This is lovely and perfectly encapsulates you :) Congrats on the new name and website launch!!!

With love, Alex


Congratulations, Maria! 🌼 🌸

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