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Re-define You

Create change and make satisfying, meaningful and sustainable choices for yourself in all areas of your life.

 Re-discover you. Define your own, unique way forward now.

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

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I can help you ...

Reconnect to Yourself

As our lives change and evolve, so do we. Clarify who you are and what you yearn for in your life now to shape the future you envision.

Rekindle Your Inner Spark

Life can feel pretty mundane sometimes. We get up, go to work, come home and do it again. Find what lights your inner fire and brings you joy.

Build Supportive Relationships

Take stock of your relationships and consider which support and which drain you. Respectfully declutter existing relationships, and cultivate new ones.

Clarify Your Direction

When we are not sure where we are going, it's hard to know how to get 'there'. Getting clear on your goals and values will help put it all in focus.

Stop With the Self-Sabotage 

We all have little and big ways we sabotage ourselves. Learn about the inner and external blocks that hold you back and how they can become allies.

Tame Your Overwhelm

Life can be abundant and also overwhelming. Even when it's all positive, it can still feel like too much. Create the lifestyle and pace you desire.

What Clients Say ...

"I am. 

Quite literally.

Obsessed with Maria."

Paula, BC, Canada

"Maria helped me connect back to my Self. I gained clarity and continue to feel inspired and empowered to make important changes in my life where I previously felt confused, lost and stuck. Since our coaching, I regularly use the skills and tools she helped me develop to take on new challenges and use a newly well-defined values system to guide decision making."

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