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Strengthen Your Organization

Co-create successful change and positive impact with your people and your teams through strategic, clear and values-aligned people, systems and process changes. 

Create an organization where you and your people love to work.

Build high-trust, successful teams. Win-Win.

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"Complexity is an extension of the world in which we already live. It calls on you to plan for what comes next and to react thoughtfully, now and for the long run."

- David B. Peterson

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I can help you ...

Review Your Vision and Strategy

Businesses and industries are evolving. Let's review your current vision, mission and strategy to ensure your continued relevance and success.

Communicate to Engage

Change is complex and takes time. Let's create a consistent, timely and relevant communication plan to ensure your stakeholders are engaged and on-side.

Strengthen Your Leadership Team

The age of the heroic leader is over. Discover how to invest in and develop your leadership team so each member is aligned, engaged and contributing.

Clarify Your Structure and Resources

You need a clear organizational structure and the right people to be successful. Let's evaluate if you have the resources to ensure your success.

Operationalize Your Strategy

Systems, processes, reporting lines and job descriptions are important tools to ensure you're on track and efficient. Let's ensure these are working for you.

Invest in Your Employees at All Levels

Your employees are your greatest asset. Are they empowered to be successful and happy? Coaching can help create a culture that supports that.

Who I've worked with

Coaching and Consulting Services

I work with non-profits and smaller organizations to provide consulting services that involves collaboration with team leaders, business owners, and HR professionals. I offer coaching and consulting services that align with and support individuals and organizations to move forward in a clear, authentic, and purposeful way.

Individual and team coaching

 Culture assessments

 People and recruitment services 

 Administrative services

 Strategic planning review

Leadership development

Clients ...

"I am. 

Quite literally.

Obsessed with Maria."

Greg Greiner, Founder, GBC Law

"GBC Law engaged Maria's organizational coaching services to assist with conflict resolution within our firm. Maria provided us with a useful assessment of the issue and helped us improve our organizational structure and leadership model to resolve the issue through alignment with the firm's vision, values, and goals. She worked with our firm at all levels and was a positive resource to all of us. Over the next couple of years, Maria also helped us with a myriad of services including strategic planning, leadership and managerial coaching, organizational capacity analysis, conflict coaching, hr issues, recruitment, and performance evaluation. She is a tremendous asset to any organization needing the services of a coach and a change management professional."

What Clients Say ...

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