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Coaching & Consulting FAQ

What is coaching?

Coaching means working with a coach and change partner to learn and practice the components of successful change, and receiving support as you move towards your vision.


Whether we are doing personal, professional or organizational coaching, I help you access your inner wisdom and inspiration, make choices and take action that gets you to your success and dreams. At the start of our work it is a co-creative process to help you access, connect and empower yourself, but as you step more and more into leadership of your life and work, it becomes a way of being in relationships with people, personally and professionally.


You learn that you are resilient and powerful, and yes, you absolutely can!

How does coaching work?

In coaching, we will

  • identify where you are now, determine where you want to be and what you want to create, identify your values and what's important to you, 

  • figure out obstacles to your forward movement,

  • set goals and,

  • keep you on track to achieving what you want to achieve. 

When will I see results?

It's up to you. Many of my clients start thinking differently even after our first session ...


On average, clients work with me 3 to 9 months. Our work is done when you, the client feels/knows you've got this (whatever 'this' is) and can navigate your life, personal and professional, or organizational issues, on your terms. You will have different and more effective strategies, know accessing your wisdom and resources are key and most importantly, believe in your ability to create successful, sustained positive impact.

More about coaching

In Personal Coaching you will ...

  • assess

  • dream

  • ground

  • notice

  • create

  • illuminate and ... 

  • put the pieces together


Re-discover you.

In Professional Coaching you will ...

  • assess

  • envision

  • identify

  • align

  • plan

  • clarify and ...

  • put the pieces together


Empower you.

In Organizational Coaching you will ...

  • assess

  • vision

  • review org structure

  • identify resources

  • create your strategy

  • engage and communicate

  • operationalize and ...

  • listen, coach and mentor


Strengthen others.

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